Halbleitertechnologie von A bis Z

Alles über Halbleiter und die Waferfertigung

B Billion
B Boron
Ba Barium
BACT Best Available Control Technology
BARC Backside Antireflective Coating
BASE Boston Area Semiconductor Education (Council)
BAW Bulk Acoustic Wave
BC Bias Contrast
BCAD Business Computer-aided Manufacturing
BCB Benzocyclobutene
BCD Binary Coded Decimal
BCD Bulk Chemical Distribution
BDEV Behavior-level Deviation
BDP Bilateral Datum Plane
BDS Brownian Dynamics Simulation
BDS Beam Delivery System
Be Beryllium
BENU Bull's Eye Nonuniformity
BEOL Back End-of-line
BES Backscatter Electron Signal
BESOI Bonded And Etchedback SOI
BF Brightfield I
BFGS Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno Optimization Algorithm
BFL Buffered Field-effect-transistor Logic
BGA Ball Grid Array
BGS Bulk Gas System
BHT Brinell Hardness Test
BI Burn In
Bi Bismuth
BiCMOS Bipolar Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor
BIFET Bipolar Field-effect Transistor
BIM Binary Intensity Mask
BiMOS Bipolar Metal-oxide Semiconductor
BIST Built-in Self Test
BIT Bulk Ion Temperature
BITE Built-in Test Equipment
Bk Berkelium
BKM Best Known Methods
BLD Beam Lead Device
BLEVE Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion
BLOK Barrier Low-k
BMC Bubble Memory Controller
BMD Bulk Micro Defect
BOE Buffered Oxide Etchant
BOR Bottom Of Range
BOSS Book Of SEMI Standards
BOSS Binary Object Storage System
BOSS Burn-out Of Sacrificial Substances
BOX Buried Oxide
BPE Beam Profile Ellipsometry
BPR Beam Profile Reflectometry
BPR Business Process Re-engineering
BPSG Boro Phosphosilicate
BPTEOS Borophosphosilicate Glass From A TEOS Oxysilane Source
Br Bromine
BSA Beta Site Agreement
BSED Backscattered Electron Detection Or Detector
BSR Backside Rinse
BT Bismallimide Triazene
BTAB Bumped Tape Automated Bonding
BTI Bias Temperature Instability
BTS Biased Thermal Stress
BV Breakdown Voltage
BVH Buried Via Hole
BW Bandwidth