Halbleitertechnologie von A bis Z

Alles über Halbleiter und die Waferfertigung

C Carbon
C-to-C Cassette-to-cassette
Ca Calcium
CA CIM Architecture
CA Clear Aperture
CAA CIM Applications Architecture
CAB Competitive Analysis Benchmarking
CAD Computer-aided Design
CADT Control Application Development Tool
CAE Computer-aided Engineering
CAF Controlled Ambient Facility
CAG Competitive Analysis Group
CAI Computer-assisted Instruction
CALS Computer-Aided Logistics Support (Air Force Program)
CAM Computer-aided Manufacturing
CAP Consumables Acceleration Program
CAPS Computer-assisted Problem Solving
CAR Computer-aided Research
CARC Critical Aspect Ratio Collapse
CARL Chemically Amplified Resist Lithography
CARRI Computerized Assessment Of Relative Risk Impacts
CAS Chemical Abstract Service
CASE Computer-aided Software Engineering
CASE Computer-aided Systems Engineering
CAT Computer-aided Testing
CAT Cassette Alignment Tool
CAW Construction Analysis Workgroup
CAWC Cryogenic Aerosol Wafer Cleaning
Cb Columbiun
CBD Correct-by-design
CBGA Ceramic Ball Grid Array
CBIR Content-based Image Retrieval
CBS Chemical Bottle Storage Area
CBT Computer-based Training
CC Chip Carrier
CC Cluster Controller
CCC Ceramic Chip Carrier
CCD Charge-coupled Device
CCOS Computer-controlled Optical Surfacing
CCSL Compatible Current-sinking Logic
CCW Counterclockwise
Cd Cadmium
CD Critical Dimension
CD-ROM Compact Disk Read-only Memory
CD/OL Critical Dimension Overlay
CDA Clean Dry Air
CDC Chemical Data Council
CDE Chemical Downstream Etch
CDEM Customer Delivery Enterprise Model
CDF Cumulative Distribution Function
CDG Ceramic Diaphragm Gauge
CDI Collector-diffusion Isolation
CDM Common Device Model
CDM Charge Device Model
CDO Controlled Decomposition/oxidation
CDR Chemical Distribution Room
CDU Chemical Dispense Unit
Ce Cerium
CE Capillary Electrophoresis
CE Conversion Efficiency
CEC Cell Evaluation Chip
CEE Control Execution Environment
CEID Collection Event Identifier
CEM Continuous Emissions Monitoring
CEN Change Engineering Notice
CEPT COMETS Equipment Performance Tracking
CER-DIP Ceramic Dual In-line Package
CET Capacitance Equivalent Thickness
Cf Californium
CFA Component Failure Analysis
CFC Chlorofluorocarbon
CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFE Cold Field Emission
CFI CAD Framework Initiative
CFM Contamination-free Manufacturing
CFMRC Contamination-Free Manufacturing Research Center
CFT Cross-functional Team
CGA Compressed Gas Association
CHP Coat Hotplate
CHR Communication History Report
CI Carrier Illumination
CI Confidence Interval
CIC Cleanroom Interface Chamber
CID Charge-injection Device
CIE Computer-integrated Engineering
CIM Computer-integrated Manufacturing
CIM-OSA Computer-integrated Manufacturing-open Systems Architecture
CIP Continuous Improvement Program
CIS Center For Integrated Systems
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer
Cl Chlorine
CL Cathodo-luminescent
CLC Cancel Lot Cycle
CLCC Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier
CLIC Closed-loop Intensity Control
CLY Circuit-limited Yield
Cm Curium
CM Configuration Management
CM Cassette Module
CMA Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer
CMC Cassette Module Controller
CML Current Mode Logic
CMM Capability Maturity Model
CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine
CMOS Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor
CMP Chemical Mechanical Planarization
CMP Chemical Mechanical Polishing
CMR Common-mode Rejection Ratio
CMR Cancel Move Request
CMS Coordinate Measuring System
CMUG Cost Modeling Users Group
CNC Computer Numerical Control
CNC Condensation Nucleus Counter
CNS Central Nervous System
CNT Carbon Nanotube
Co Cobalt
COB Chip-on-board
COC Cost Of Consumables
CODEC Coder-decoder
COED Computer Optimized Experimental Design
COG Chrome On Glass (Mask)
COGS Cost Of Goods Sold
COO Cost Of Ownership
COOL Cost Of Ownership Luminator (Wright, Williams & Kelly)
COPS Crystal Oriented Pits
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CORE Composite Object Reference
COSS Common Object Services Specification
COT Customer-owned Tooling
CoV Coefficient Of Variance
Cp Process Capability
CP Chip Place
CP/M Computer Program/maintenance
CPA Commerical Product Adhesive
CPD Concurrent Product Development
CPE Communications, Participation, And Education Program
CPGA Ceramic Pin Grid Array
Cpk Process Capability Index
CPM Chamber Pressure Management
CPU Central Processing Unit
CQFP Ceramic Quad Flat Pack
CQN Closed-queuing Network
Cr Chromium
CR Collisional Radiative
CRADA Cooperative Research And Development Agreement
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRM Cost/Resource Model
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
Cs Cesium
CSA CIM Systems Architecture
CSE Control Systems Engineering
CSF Critical Success Factor
CSL Current-steering Logic
CSMA/CD Carrier-sense, Multiple-access/collision Detection
CSP Chip Scale Package
CSPED Concurrent Semiconductor Production And Equipment Development
CST CIM Systems Technology
CSTR Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor
CSV Comma-separated Variable
CT Cycle Time
CTC Cluster Tool Controller
CTE Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion
CTF Contrast Transfer Function
CTI Computer-telephone Integration
CTI Cycle Time Improvement
CTL Complementary Transistor Logic
CTMC Cluster Tool Modular Communications
Cu Copper
CUB Central Utility Building
CUBES Capacity Utilization Bottleneck Efficiency System
CUI Common User Interface
CUSUM Cumulative Sum
CV Capacitance Voltage
CVC Chemical Vapor Cleaning
CVCM Collected Volatile Condensable Materials
CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition
CVS Cyclic Voltammetry Stripping
CVS Constant Voltage Stress
CW Continuous Wave
CW Clockwise
CWS Chilled Water System
CYM Cycle Model
Cz Czochralski Process