Halbleitertechnologie von A bis Z

Alles über Halbleiter und die Waferfertigung

P Phosphorous
P-GILD Projection Gas Immersion Laser Doping
P/E Program/erase
P/T Precision-tolerance
Pa Protactinium
Pa Pascals
PA-FTIR Photoacoustic Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
PAB Post-apply Bake
PAC Photoactive Compound
PACVD Plasma-assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition
PAG Photoacid Generator
PAG Program Advisory Group
PAL Process Automation Language
PAL Programmable Array Logic
PAL Process Asset Library
PALS Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy
PAM Process Application Module
PAS Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
PAS Project Assessment Survey
PAT Process Action Team
PAWS Portable Acoustic Wave Sensor
Pb Lead
PBET Performance-Based Equipment Training
PBGA Plastic Ball Grid Array
PBL Poly-buffered LOCOS
PBN Plasma Bridge Neutralizer
PBS Photon Backscattering
PBTI Positive Bias Temperature Instability
PC Personal Computer
PC Programmable Controller
PC Process Control
PC Photoconductivity
PCA Principal Component Analysis
PCAD Packaging Computer-aided Design
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCD Photochemical Darkening
PCHP Pre-coat Hotplate
PCM Pulse-code Modulation
PCM Process Control Monitor
PCMP Post Chemical-mechanical Polishing
PCMS Plasma Chemistry Monte-Carlo Simulation
PCO Photocatalytic Oxidation
PCOMP Pressure Compensation
PCR Principle Component Regression
PCR Probe Card Repair
PCS Production Cost Savings
PCSA Polarizer-compensator Sample Analyzer
PCT Process Change Teams
PCW Process Cooling Water
PCWR Process Cooling Water Returns
Pd Palladium
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDA Post-deposition Anneal
PDC Passive Data Collection
PDF Portable Document Format
PDF Process Design Failure
PDL Plastics Design Library
PDS Photothermal Displacement Spectroscopy
PDSA Peroxydisulfuric Acid
PDU Protocol Data Unit
PDVC Phase-dependent Voltage Contrast
PEB Post-exposure Bake
PEC Proximity Effect Correction
PEC Protective Electrostatic Chuck Cover
PECVD Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
PED Post-exposure Delay
PEDS Plasma-enhanced Deposition System
PEEK Polyetheretherkeytone
PEELS Parallel Electron Energy Loss Spectrometry
PEEM Photo-electron Emission Microscope
PEF Plasma-enhanced Floodgun
PEL Permissible Exposure Level (limit)
PERT Program Evaluation Review Technique
PES Photoelectron Spectroscopy
PET Post-etch Treatment
PETEOS Plasma-enhanced Tetraethylosilicate
PFA Perfluoroalkoxy
PFC Perfluorocompound
PFC Perfluorocarbon
PFOS Perfluorooctane Sulfonate
PFPE Perfluorinated Polyether
PFR Plug-flow Reactor
PFS Plasma Flood System
PfTQ Partnering For Total Quality
PGA Pin Grid Array
PGI Purge Gas Inlet
PGV Person Guided Vehicle
PHI Physical Electronics Co.
PI Proportional Integral
PIC Physical Interfaces And Carriers
PID Proportional Integral Derivative
PID Process-induced Defect
PIII Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation
PIND Particle Impact Noise Detection
PIP Process-induced Particles
PIV Peak Inverse Voltage
PIV Post Indicator Valve
PIXE Photon-induced X-ray Emission
PLA Programmable Logic Array
PLC Programmable Logic Controller
PLC Product Life Cycle
PLCC Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
PLDD P-type Lightly Doped Drain
PLIS Precision Liquid Injection System
PLL Plasma Lockload
PLL Phase-locked Loop
PLS Partial Least Squares
PLS Projection Of Latent Structures
PLY Photolimited Yield
Pm Promethium
PM Particle Monitor
PM Preventive Maintenance
PM Process Module
PMA Post-metal Anneal
PMC Process Module Controller
PMCC Pensky-Martens Closed Cup
PMI Phase Measuring Interferometer
PMM Phase Measuring Microscope
PMMA Polymethyl Methacrylate
PMOS Positive Channel Metal-oxide Semiconductor
PMS Particle Measuring System
PMT Photomultiplier Tube
PMTF Product Management Task Force
PNL Pulsed Nucleation Layer
PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (Battelle)
PNWD Pacific Northwest Division
Po Polonium
PO Projection Optics
POB Projection Optics Box
POCP Photochemical Ozone Creation Potential
POR Process Of Record
POSIX Portable Operating System Interface For Computing Environments
POU Point-of-use
POUCG Point-of-use Chemical Generation
PP Polypropylene
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PPGA Plastic Pin Grid Array
PPID Process Program Identification
PPM Point Projection Microscope
PPPL Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
PPRef Process Program Reference
PQFP Plastic Quad Flat Pack
Pr Praseodymium
PRAS Particle Reactor Analysis Services
PRAT Production Reliability Acceptance Test
PRB Pseudo-random Binary
PRBS Pseudo-random Binary Sequences
PRESS Prediction Error Sum Of Squares
PROM Programmable Read-only Memory
PRSC Parametric Response Surface Control
PRV Person Rail Guided Vehicle
PS Porous Silicon
PSAM Probabilistic Shape And Appearance Model
PSB Phase Shifting Blank
PSB Product Safety Bulletin
PSC Porous Silicon Capacitor
PSD Power Spectral Density
PSD Port Status Display
PSDA Pressure Decay Sorption Apparatus
PSDI Phase-shifting Diffraction Interferometer
PSE Pre-sputter Etch
PSG Phosphosilicate Glass
PSG Phosphorus Doped Silicon Glass
PSII Plasma Source Ion Implantation
PSL Polystyrene Latex
PSLS Polystyrene Latex Sphere
PSM Phase Shifting Mask
PSM Phase Shift Mask
PSR Perfectly Stirred Reactor
Pt Platinum
PTAB Project Technical Advisory Board
PTC Pre- And Post-process Treatment Chambers
PTFE Polytetrafluorethylene
PTFE Teflon
Pu Plutonium
PV Process Vacuum
PVA Polyvinylacetate
PVC Polyvinylchloride
PVD Physical Vapor Deposition
PVDF Polyvinylidene Fluoride
PWB Printed Wiring Board
PWP Particles Per Wafer Pass