Halbleitertechnologie von A bis Z

Alles über Halbleiter und die Waferfertigung

D Digital To Analog
D/B Die Bonding
D/I Develop Inspect
D/I Dense Vs. Isolated
DAC Digital-to-analog Converter
DAC Dielectric Aging Chamber
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (see ARPA)
DAS Direct Absorption Spectroscopy
DASSL Differential Algebraic System Solver
dBa Adjusted Decibel
DBMS Database Management System
DBP Data Processing Board
DC Direct Current
DCA Direct Chip Attachment
DCATS Double-contained Acid Transfer System
DCCF Discounted Cumulative Cash Flow
DCE Distributed Computer Environment
DCG Distortion Calibration Grid
DCG Domain Coordination Group
DCIV D Irect-current Current-voltage
DCL Digital Command Language
DCL Display Communication Log
DCP Dry Chemical Planarization
DCS Dichlorosilane
DCT Defect Control Tool
DCVD Dieletric Chemical Vapor Deposition
DD Defect Density
DDH Direct-to-digital Holography
DDL Device Description Language
DDMS Defect Data Management System
DEDS Discrete-event Dynamic Simulation
DEE Detailed Equipment Events
DES Data Encryption Standard
DES Display Equipment Status
DF Darkfield
DFC Densified Fluid Clean
DFE Dual Frequency Etch
DfESH Design For Environment, Safety, And Health
DFLP Design For Low Power
DFM Design For Manufacturability
DFR Design For Reliability
DFT Design For Testability
DFT Design For Test
DGM Dynamic Grid Matching
DGOX Dual Gate Oxide
DHF Dilute Hydrofluoric Acid
DI Deionized
DI Dielectric Isolation
DI Dissolution Inhibitor
DIBL Drain-induced Barrier Leakage
DIC Differential Interference Contrast
DICE DARPA Initiative In Concurrent Engineering
DIL Dual Inline
DIP Dual Inline Package
DIPPR Design Institute For Physical Properties
Dit Interface Trap Density
DLB Dielectric Low Temperature Bake
DLBI Device Level Burn-in
DLM Dual-level Metal
DLOC Developed Source Lines Of Code
DLS Display Lot Status
DLT Device Level Test
DLTS Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy
DM Defect Management
DMA Direct Memory Access
DMA Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
DMH Display Message Helps
DML Data Manipulation Language
DML Display Message Log
DMM Digital Multimeter
DMOS Diffused Metal-oxide Semiconductor
DMR Display Move Requests
DMS Data Management Standard
DMS Data Management System
DNN Dark Narrow Normal
DNO Dark Narrow Oblique
DO Dynamic Optimization
DOA Dead-on Alignment
DOAS Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy
DOE Design Of Experiments
DOF Depth Of Field
DOF Depth Of Focus
DOP Dioctylphthalate
DOS Disk Operating System
DOTS Digital-optical Technology System
DPA Destructive Physical Analysis
DPB Data Processing Board
DPF Dense Plasma Focus
DPI Dots Per Inch
DPM Digital Panel Meter
DPP Discharge-produced Plasma
DPS Display Process Status
DPS Decoupled Plasma Source
DPSRAM Dual-port Static Random Access Memory
DQE Detective Quantum Efficiency
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRAPAC Design Rule And Process Architecture Council
DRC Design Rule Check
DRE Destruction Removal Efficiency
DRIFTS Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
DRT Defect Review Tool
DSA Display System Activity
DSA Dimensionally Stable Anode
DSC Differential Scanning Calorimetry
DSE Droplet Surface Etching
DSF Dead Space Free
DSIMS Dynamic Secondary Mass Spectroscopy
DSMC Direct Simulation Monte Carlo
DSP Differential Signal Processing
DSP Digital Signal Processing
DSQ Downstream Quartz
DSQ Decoupled Source Quartz
DSS Display Stocker Status
DSW Direct Step-on-wafer
DT Dynamic Test
DTA Differential Thermal Analysis
DTC Direct Thermocouple Control
DTHM Dual Top Hardmask
DTL Diode Transistor Logic
DTM Defect Test Monitor
DTM Delay Time Multiplier
DTM Device Test Module
DTM Digital Terrain Map
DTM Demonstration Test Method
DTMPN Defect Test Monitor Phase Number
DUF Diffusion Under Epitaxial Film
DUI Detached User Interface
DUT Device Under Test
DUV Deep Ultraviolet
DUVSE Deep Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
DV Design Verification
DVER Design Rule Verification
DVI Digital Video Interactive
DVM Digital Voltmeter
DVS Display Vehicle Status
DVS Dynamic Voltage Stress
DVS Dynamic Voltage Screen
DWG Domain Work Group
DWN Dark Wide Normal
DWO Dark Wide Oblique
Dy Dysprosium