Halbleitertechnologie von A bis Z

Alles über Halbleiter und die Waferfertigung

F Fluorine
F/E Focus/exposure
F/I Final Inspect
FA Failure Analysis
FA Factory Automation
FAB Fast Atom Bombardment
FACS Fast Access To Critical Solutions
FAMOS Floating-gate Avalanche-injection Metal-oxide Semiconductor
FB Floating Body
FBGA Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array
FC Flip Chip
FCC Face-centered Cubic
FCM Facilities Cost Model
FCS Factory Control System
FD Fully Depleted
FDA Food And Drug Administration
FDC Fault Detection And Classification
FDE Frequency Domain Experiments
FDTD Finite Difference Time Domain
Fe Iron
FE Finite Element
FE Field Emission
FE Field Engineer
FEC Fabrication Evaluation Chip
FEG Field Emission Gun
FEM Finite Element Model
FEM Focus-exposure Matrix
FEM Final Energy Magnet
FEOL Front End-of-line
FESEM Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope/microscopy
FET Field-effect Transistor
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
FFU Filter Fan Unit
FG Finished Goods
FG Forming Gas
FI Filterability Index
FI Factory Integration
FIA Field Interferometer Alignment
FIB Focused Ion Beam
FID Flame Ionization Detector
FIDAP Fluid Dynamics Analysis Package
FIFO First-in, First-out
FIM Field Ion Microscope
FIMA Factory Integration Maturity Assessment
FIMS Front-opening Interface Mechanical Standard
FIT Failure Unit
FITS Failures In Time
FL Fuzzy Logic
FLOODS Florida Object-Oriented Device Simulator
FLOOPS Florida Object-Oriented Process Simulator
FLOPC Floating Point Operations Needed Per Cycle
FLOTOX Floating Gate Tunnel Oxide
FLRT Factory Layout/relayout Tool
Fm Fermium
FM Foreign Material
FMEA Failure Mode And Effects Analysis
FMMC Factory Material Movement Component
FMS Forms Management System
FMS Facility Management System
FMVP Framework Member Validation Project
FNN Feed-forward Neural Network
FOCS Fiber Optic Chemical Sensors
FOSB Front Opening Shipping Box
FOUP Front Opening Unified Pod
FOV Field Of View
FOX Field Oxide
FP Flash Point
FPD Focal Plane Deviation
FPD Flat Panel Display
FPGA Field-programmable Gate Array
FPLA Field-programmable Logic Array
FPLF Field-programmable Logic Family
FPLS Field-programmable Logic Switch
FPM Flexual Plate Mode
FPMS Factory Performance Modeling Software
FPROM Field-programmable Read-only Memory
FQA Fixed Quality Area
Fr Francium
FRACAS Failure Reporting, Analysis, And Corrective Action System
FRAME Failure Rate Analysis And Modeling
FRMB Fast Ramp Mini Batch
fRTA Flash Rapid Thermal Annealing
FS Fused Silica
FSE Field Service Engineers
FSG Fused Silica Glass
FSG Fluorinated Silicate Glass
FSM Finite State Machine
FT Final Test
FT Fourier Transform
FTA Fault Tree Analysis
FTAB Focus Technical Advisory Board
FTICR Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Spectroscopy
FTIR Fourier Transformed Infrared
FTP Fast Thermal Processing
FW Full Wave
FWHM Full-width Half-maximum
FWT Fluoride Wastewater Treatment
FZ Float Zone